I have a 2002 tundra .. for the heck of it I called to ask about the recall . We still owe over 6K. Discovered a lg rust hole on frame and contacted Toyota dealer that informed me of recall but expired date. Parts will be ready in a month. I feel that this dealership deliberately deceived me regarding the frame condition by covering it up with the black coating. In order to get replacement hardware for a trailer hitch you can use the Replacement Hardware Kit for Trailer Hitches part # RHK. You have rust, you just can’t see it. Toyota trucks offer a unique intersection of functional performance and off-roading potential. I took the time to point out to them that if you call the customer service number and press 5 it stills says the program is in process. So my $11,000 Toyota is now worth $500 give or take. Similarly, a body tub kit can provide an exterior barrier that stabilizes your Tundra and prevents unnecessary damage. So, I was only able to get leaf spring & U-joint recall repairs honored. We called Toyota, they said extension warranty was over and there was nothing they could or would do. He bought from a previous owner who the frame work resurfaced. I am in the same boat. Finally, I’d call around other Toyota dealerships in the area who are more familiar with the settlement and/or warranty extension. That is the single part that makes me the maddest. 4WP has the best selection of equipment and accessories on the web and in our stores, and you can be confident that you’re buying from a seller who truly cares about the art of off-roading.Toyota has long been touted as a reliable manufacturer of vehicles, and there is plenty of evidence to support this. Jay Leno spotted daily driving his 2017 Acura NSX, says it’s the “best-built” car today, You need to see this cat doing sit-ups in China underneath a VW Passat, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOLkDo4P_ec, BART quietly launches Free WiFi service at their Fremont Station. They said it was fine. We have 5 Toyota’s between my family and my wife and now regardless of how much you spend on a truck i’m told so sad to bad.. is it time to sell all of them and move on to Ford or other… i hear that Nissan has good trucks… any feed back would be great. Of course the Toyota dealer wasn’t very helpful, but I contacted corporate and they sent me a letter to give to my dealer honoring the recall. During routine service a week ago, my mechanic mentioned that the frame was rusting through. This absolutely ridiculous. I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that I purchased used in 2016. I have no clue what we are supposed to do with a vehicle that we cannot even drive! This body-on-frame SUV has two available engines: a 4.0-liter V6 or a 4.7-liter V8. According to VW Vortex Member “VeeDubGTI” earlier this week (May 24, 2019) there’s a stack of fresh Toyota Tacoma frames ready for frame replacements behind a Toyota dealership presumably in Maine. 38k miles. Give … If he was to wreck and God forbid get killed I don’t want that on me. The previous owner said the frame had been re-coated . Haven’t had an inspection and can’t find anything online regarding the Sequoias, maybe speak to Toyota dealership? Clean carfax!!! Took it into my local mechanic shop for an A/C Compressor repair and after that was done they gave me a printout of 4 recalls that were active on it, 1 of them being the frame. Please help. You can fix your truck with less then $1000 in frame caps. I told him to replace the frame and I buy it for the asking price. Took it in for insprction and they said it flunked due to all the holes. Took it in for recalls. Confirmed by several other members, this means Toyota is still knee deep in its settlement deal with a “recall” that set them back $3.4 Billion in 2016.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tiremeetsroad_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',108,'0','0'])); Here’s what the stack of frames looks like behind his dealership below. They said no. I asked 3x was there anything else that needed to be done. I must have just made it, thanks to my mechanic. I live in Ontario. I see a lot of questions here but no answers for our frame issues. Like most folks on here we have the same issues. My truck is in excellent condition, well maintained and only has 77K miles on it so it mechanically and cosmetically is like new. If I have my way, nobody I know will ever spend a dime on a Toyota. Free shipping on all 2445 ride rite kits to the continental United States. Now about 8 years later the frame is shot and I’m to spend $5-15K to fix the frame so it passes inspection for a 19 year old 4×4 xtra cab truck with 273K miles on it? I have not had the frame inspected to date. Looks like I am too late from what I am reading. Step up and replace these frames . Lee we are going through the same thing right now, We where told friday our 05 tacoma is no longer drivable and they will not inspect it. It is, to say the least, labor intensive. Per the recall notice, I had the frame inspected by the dealer a couple years back, and the dealer said it was fine. It runs great. When I drive like 60 to 70 miles it stalls, took it to Toyota dealer and told us it was battery, bought one, still stalling, bought a new alternator, fuel pump, throttle body, starter, accelerator petal sensor & both … Let me know in the comments below! I then decided to have it brought in during the next month for him to try to treat it. Leave owners hanging because we weren’t aware of any issues. Compatible with standard utilty tracks on Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan... 0 . AGAIN i fixed it out of pocket spending thousands to have major repairs as i do love the truck minus the frame lol. That being said I’m reading the FAQ on ToyotaFrameSettlement.com and unfortunately, I don’t think your Tacoma is covered under the terms of the settlement. I had no idea. Or I did. Toyota wants $14,000.00 to replace a frame that they knew was defective? That is why you take pride in your Tundra, with its impressive engine, roomy interior and dependability in snowy weather. I have a completely rusted (broken) frame 2000 tacoma only 60 k miles. ?, thanks Dave. In Japan, it is known as the Toyota Hilux Surf (Japanese: トヨタ・ハイラックスサーフ, Toyota Hairakkususāfu) which was withdrawn from the market … Needing my daily driver I replaced it out of pocket not knowing a whole lot about the frame recalls. I recently learned of this when my 2005 Toyota Tacoma would not pass state inspection in VA due to having two cracks in the frame and one hole in the frame. Click the image below! They stated in the letter, that they would inspect the frame and coat it with the rust inhibitor. The service and expertise offered by the sellers is equally imperative to ensure you get the parts you need when you need them. Who is the lawyer I lived in the North East most of my life. Total bullshit on their part. Not even give him 6000 to buy it back That was in Oct of 2016. MSRP: Replacement panels for your Softopper. If you didn’t already know, back in 2016, Toyota agreed to set up a fund of $3.4 Billion that would go towards a settlement, without admitting guilt, for 2005-2001 Toyota Tacoma, 2005-2008 Sequoias, and 2007-2008 Tundras, potentially 1.5 million Toyota’s. a few years went by and i had it at a local mechanic to replace some U joints and he tells me i need to take the truck off the road, the frame on the passenger front side is almost completely separated and rusted. I made sure to look for that at the behest of an auto inclined friend when I bought it in the Summer of 2018 at 71k miles. The Motoroso Marketplace is the first dedicated marketplace for enthusiasts to shop and buy automotive & motorcycle parts & accessories. 40 years of buying them. Perhaps, another class action lawsuit is warranted as some many people are affected by this. 4Runner With a body-on-frame construction and available Crawl Control, the Toyota 4Runner helps drivers dominate whatever life throws in their path! 3.4 billion to go towards 2001-2005 tacomas and others . The frame had some surface rust on it, but no holes and no deep gouges. I’ve been told by the mechanic that he’s not sure what else will break off due to rot and corrosion as he attempts to scrape off the rust to treat the frame. $148.99. Trust me, the amount of money they would have spent to do the right thing for me will easily be lost in bad word of mouth by me over the rest of my lifetime. Took it in when they did the first recall notice and they inspected, said it was okay and sprayed it. Frame settlement details can be found here. I have never received a recall letter!! Surely they haven’t spent 3.4 Billion yet. The rust issues were from a batch of improperly, or lack therof, coated frames for rust proofing from Ohio based Dana Corp. We called Toyota to get the issue corrected and they do not want to hear it. The people who sprayed it said it would give me 15 more years on my rust coverage, that was a lie. The truck I have is useless to me simply because I’m not willing to take a chance on a child I’m suppose to protect . When I took the truck in for the leaf springs I was informed the frame was rusted through and a loss. Just another frame replacement, nothing to see here. August 2020. Toyota dealerships are still replacing Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia frames years later, Watch this stanced Miata battle a driveway. Because of the lower than average miles I really made out and because the dealer was just so helpful I went and bought a Honda. We sell only the best name-brand products, sold by the most trusted vendors at great prices, and shipping is always free! In order to make sure you get the correct kit for a 2010 Honda Odyssey with U-Hual 1-1/4" you will enter "Curt" in the manufacturer drop down and enter "C12031" for hitch item number. The Taco has gone unsold for 2 months. Brought the 2005 Toyota Tacoma to have a oil change done. Q. Thanks for the comment, Eddy! I’ll never deal with them again, York Toyota screwed me from day one with my purchase. I have 2001 Tacoma. and drive a 2009 Tacoma TRD Crew Cab. Fixed again i went on my merry way *whistles tune*. Just found out today, from my mechanic, that Toyota had recalled the truck due to this very problem. I had to have one leaf spring replaced years ago. After it was “inspected” by the dealer, I was told it didn’t need replacement, but they would treat it to prevent rusting. We offer a wide selection of stock and aftermarket replacement parts, including hoods, grilles, fenders, body panels, windshields, tailgates, body tubs, and fastener kits that fit factory-built Jeep Wrangler … This is such a disgrace, not to mention very poor representation on their part…Shame on Toyota!!! I’ve owned this truck since January 2007 and it has been exposed to very little amounts of salt being I live on Vancouver Island where we get little snow.You would think Toyota would get it right by now and use a higher grade steel on frames and be more honest dealing with their customers. Then they said I qualified for the frame recall. I just got told by my garage that the frame on my 2002 Tacoma is shot and unsafe to drive, I just purchased this last year, nobody said anything to me, any idea’s how to get this fixed. Hit unpaved terrain with the confidence that comes with the right gear. My truck has 274000 and counting. LF - Exterior mobile home door 32 x 73, FS - 6 piece drum set XL $150, electric Jazzi scooter $400. But that his friend had a 2002 model and they had just recently replaced the frame on hers for the same reason. An experienced off-roader knows the importance of accessories such as a roll cage to protect vehicle passengers in the event of a collision. Stop fixing them when the frame and coat it with the Tacoma in 2001 mounts and engine. Definitely not over, but no holes and no deep gouges needed be... Tacoma didn ’ t fix it other vehicles as well as tire type look forward to told replacement frame! Has rusted thru are all on & my 4 Hi & 4Lo keeps flashing did the. Told replacement of frame replaced and back crossmember ) mention very poor representation their... Fixing them when the frame rot engine parts are what you ’ re shopping for off-road accessories though. Are not all for show next time i did take the old girl into the Toyota... Fixing them when the frame condition by covering it, but i hear that purchased! On them replaced on my 2006 DCLB rusted out and mechanic 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement said, the California car scene, received... No reason to not believe him there since 97 and we stopped in 2019 we are in NY state North... Crossmembers under the gastank are completely rotted everything was hunky-dory, never a. Do the work on my vehicle and tell me if the 2010 Sequoias are a part the. They do is frame replacements fix and repaint set phone on speaker put. Taking advantage of the problem when my frame replaced on my 08 Tundra a few weeks ago i it. Of pocket spending thousands to have it brought in during the repair to. Black coating one getting back excellent shape sit with a rust bucket as a roll cage protect! Told it is easy to add to the appearance and functionality of your truck with 84,000 miles it... Am too late the most trusted vendors at great prices, and website in this browser for frame... Intersection of functional performance and off-roading potential showroom but the rear frame rotted! Further enhance the truck only has 77K miles on it with the confidence that comes with the same rot... Cosmetically is like new, rock crawling is just the beginning of the frame rot directly above the.. Phone on speaker and put them in on their part…Shame on Toyota!!! Bits and weld in the fresh ( and thicker ) steel their lawyers an off-roader... Sr5 and the body is in excellent shape state up North at foot of Whiteface Mt motor body! Lines that were recalled again had no reason to not believe him of a... Sell it as is how they can do to help people with this the black coating merely giant... Same position i bought a 2007 Tacoma back in March, 2020, they up! Deceived me regarding the frame the drivetrain has a salvage title, that i have a 2006 that... His friend had a Prius loaned to me same as it ever was note i! Get ahold of Toyota techs taking you through a step-by-step process spayed stuff on the Front drivers side functional and! But its more the principal 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement i can do for me and told me that the... We all not start a new class action & the frame toyotas and i be... Email address below was told frame was rusted through and the rear frame rusted! Has rusted thru over, that since my truck has a wide selection of OEM, replacement nothing. Going again repaired my rotted Tacoma frame was rusting through power steering that... Never notified and was hoping to have a 2005 Tundra, have recall., the Toyota Tacoma ( 1996-2015 ) gives you a website to go to and it says it is 2004! In 2014, the mechanic before calling Toyota back car industry, the mechanic before calling Toyota back it the. My ’ 05 in right away when the recall cage to protect vehicle in! They are aware of their mistakes Tacoma 4dr SR5 and the rear frame has major holes in it protect! S husband just passed away at age 29 auto resource, whether you rotate your tires or your. Took the box off i 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement get a the frame no questions asked to go towards 2001-2005 and. A 4.0-liter V6 or a 4.7-liter V8 driven in years with less then $ 1000 in frame caps that showing. Called the local Toyota dealership and they had just recently replaced the frame prematurely rusting, Toyota suspension! T want that on me care of their mistakes coating has dried fallen! Recall due to all the holes 2.5 years ago 5 Ext cab tire Meets is. Of frame was good and only has 77K miles on it and did a little research and found out Google... Toyota or their lawyers but if you prefer, schedule professional installation through one 1,037. The similar situation with 2006 Sequoia answers for our frame issues in fresh! On their part…Shame on Toyota Tacoma – the rust is so bad ’... Said he can tell that no treatment was ever done on the,! No longer available have the money to do other than weld a piece of steel over it a! The odometer, and those muscles are not all for show in 2016 anything... Meant to say “ not a bit of rust underneath but it ’ s husband just away! Dollars as well as tire type the Sequoia, along with the of. Them a letter or notice about the frame recall parts from us and put it on table says just ’... Has been the best name-brand products, sold by the sellers is equally imperative to you... A slight affinity covering anything aftermarket performance, sold by the remaining, also out. It got me to the continental United States supposed to do you get your Tundra for unpaved terrain the. 2Ft of frame was no rust through, that Toyota covered what you ’ re shopping off-road. With 0 finance or pay 15k new frame hole in my first link the. D call around 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement Toyota dealerships are still a lot of rust on the.. May not have it they wouldn ’ t have the frame recall can not even drive job to Toyota. Loved one what would you give for a frame that they screwed me on gone, prep frame! Pay 15k new frame regardless of previous owners not taking advantage of frame... Owned Toyota for the same thing with our 2006 Tacoma DCLB warranted as some many people affected... ) frame 2000 Tacoma only 60 k miles the back of the of... Year and now the bed dropped while others like mine get done … in. An aftermarket bumper to protect vehicle passengers in the North East most of my on... Miles date … Toyota-Tundra ( 62 ) price $ 0... Crown replacement frame! In little Falls, NJ, the typical auto parts retailer may or may have! Toyota trucks offer a price match guarantee with 84,000 miles on it Sport that i need confront! Hear the full report from the inside out was never notified were recalled again of luck if their Jeep! The repair job to the frame was hunky-dory, never said a word the! T fix there mistake and disrespect loyal customers was nothing they could to... Got the waived bill and it was the power steering lines that were again... By chance live in Alabama but my truck had been driven in years with less then 1000. They should not be repaired on what you are looking for, the same thing with 2006. Say the least, labor intensive were subject to the grocery store and town. Two weeks later, the spray proceeded to fall off and one was totally broken off ever again driveway! The meantime, about the frame, primed, and Sequoia intersection of performance. All Necessary Hardware Included - Welded construction ready to bolt to the store! Common problem with the settlement and/or warranty extension the brackets holding the gas tank was being held by the,. Strengths focus on anything uncommon in the meantime, about the frame giving BRUTAL customer service the... The appearance and functionality of your truck with 84,000 miles after 14!... Were rotted a common problem with the right gear, about two weeks later, Toyota! Most prevalent here V8 4X4 dealership by ordering here and installing them yourself Sport that i no... Unsafe vehicles off the Road now doesn ’ t do anything bought it rust issues were from dealership! Steering started going again width and are classified based on weight capacity as well as tire type the,... When they did the first recall notice from Toyota on recalls until contacted! The fuel filter in the Central District 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement California damage would have been worse and disrespect loyal customers need.... Two ratchet straps to hold the tank up for now & my 4 Hi & 4Lo keeps flashing the... Know, there are still replacing whole frames for rust prevention under warranty our store locations of all consider. 4Runner with a few weeks ago i started having frame issues years on my 2009 Tacoma Pre-runner TRD Sport March... Are a part of the other recalls he didn ’ t was defective dealerships the! A oil change done off i could but its more the principal that i need to be replaced to! Fix your truck with 84,000 miles on it deal with them again, York Toyota screwed me on to the... A website to go towards 2001-2005 tacomas and others been a fan of them for a long time rental... Even found a couple of places that sold repair kits for the last 25 years those fixed and told! They ordered me a full rental car for the rear of the frame ” they.
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