Crops are sprayed in an effort to harvest more efficiently and yield product more quickly, but the active ingredient, glyphosate has been undeniably linked to the huge spike in gluten sensitivity and diseases like Celiac in recent years. On vacation one might take the time to experience a meal rather than mindlessly consuming “fuel” on the go. The architecture, the shopping, the food… There is no shortage of reasons to visit Europe. Potassium bromate and folic acid are commonly added to AP flour in the US. Bought my first Italian flour to try out, fingers crossed it will be ok. Thanks. I visited Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria. It’s so delicious smelling you will know why IT IS BETTER. I cannnot find any in the states. I cannot eat even a bite of bread or other wheat-based products made with American wheat without having severe stomach upset and diarrhea. In The Battle Between Health And Taste, Why White Bread Still Wins : The Salt We know we need to eat more whole grains like whole-wheat bread, but white bread crust gives off chemicals … I took the scariest risk of my life and purchased French wheat flour from Amazon and made my first ever loaf of bread. Brain fog, need to sleep, inability to concentrate, cannot construct nor say complete sentences, MAJOR problem with insulin overload. The 1993 French Bread Law, or “the Bread Decree”, outlines how bread should be produced and sold in France. I was nervous to do so because I didn’t want to have the same digestive symptoms I normally have in the US. I read about this for a number of years concerning pasta . If I have no reactions… I am going back to my Endocrinologist, which is in two weeks from today…. The centerpiece of every meal, the average citizen believed that it was impossible to overindulge on bread. Europe - Why does French food taste so much better than ours? Modern Bread Has Additives. Ghee and clarified butter are very similar, but the way ghee is made generally produces a richer taste. If I eat a wrap twice a month I’m fine but on a regular basis it causes problems. A huge factor in the quality of European wheat is not only the type of wheat that is grown, but in the way it is grown and harvested. I had gut-related allergies to many, many protein-based foods (wheat, dairy, soy, nuts etc) for about 8 years, but after landing in Switzerland, had to eat wheat, and surprisingly all issues faded away and were totally gone in a few days. I’m not gluten intolerant. I bought a 10 pack for $54. Low and behold, no stomach issues and my glucose levels were down when I came back from Europe. My life has been changed. In a word: yes. So living in the states… how do I get bread from Europe? In France, bread is an art form and an institution, with some 34,000 boulangeries making bread five or six days a week for the 70% of French people who buy locally-made fresh bread. I have no digestive issues with gluten but get horrific back spasms ingesting it late in the day in America but two months ago I ate my fill of bread products on a river cruise and experienced ZERO spasms. Many thanks! Im a non-cyst variety PCOS patient with also Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chronic Migraines, Alopecia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Im basically a frigging guinea pig. The USA poisons it’s citizens through food. I agree European soft wheat may make a big difference … I am surprised there is not more discussion on this on the web. Once back home I tried a few variations – organic unbleached flour- no good. I’m gonna ask my doc about a Celiac test and see about starting a gluten free diet soon after just in case. You will learn what is wrong with American Wheat. She has a condition called Interstitial Cystitis and the worst case scenario or reaction to wheat in North America would be that her bladder hemorrhages. I suspect pesticides or higher gluten content but don’t know for sure. I make two loaves of bread a week, cookies, cakes and whatever else I want! Have taken to making our bread at home and tote home flour each time. I was most surprised the allergies stayed away for an entire YEAR when I returned to the US. Some people can tell the difference in taste… For years before gluten became a scapegoat for the world’s problems, I complained of severe bloating and a feeling that I’d “swallowed bricks” whenever I ate wheat products. Now I’ve found a French bakery that used imported flour and I can eat all of their products. Please give me a link to these European breads!! The dry pasta I get in the USA has 10+ ingredients. Given the choice, I’ll take the bread that goes stale in a day. But on my annual trips to Europe, I had no problem eating daily baguettes and bowls of pasta. Ezekiel … Not correct. Try an experiment: put a piece of bread on your tongue, and your tongue and nose go into action immediately. So, with the American vilification of gluten, it stands to wonder, is the gluten content of European bread actually lower? It wasn’t until I spent time in Europe and experimented with their wheat that I determined gluten is a red herring, at least for me and probably for many others. Making bread isn’t as hard as it sounds. with flour from Italy. Please do try. Within a few weeks of moving back I was being woken up by terrible headaches which often didn’t respond well to medication. You should watch a documentary called A baguette must weigh 250-300 g, be 55-65 cm long, and any bread labelled “tradition française” must be produced following a very specific recipe. So sad because I suspect a lot of people are having serious health issues and don’t realize it’s our own food supply! Follow @natty_style to get inspired. Our frequent trips to Europe are quite literally breadfests. Agree with comment above that FDA is worthless bureaucrats. Thanks again for reading and sharing your story. I then thought about how I had no restroom issues while in Hungary for about 2 weeks. There is definitely truth to the importance of a mindset toward food, in believing that something is good for you and allowing yourself to enjoy without guilt. I’ve had numerous colonoscopy procedures, and reportedly no issues. But in Europe I decided to drop the diet and enjoy myself. © 2020 PUBLIC GOODS - All Rights Reserved. I am also thinking of having some Spanish flour imported for baking. As a small token of our appreciation, you can use the coupon code, PGBLOGFAM, to save $5 on your next order. As Reactions explains, the process … But as a mostly wheat-free girl living in America, one of my favorite things about crossing the ocean is that I can eat the bread. I finally am discovering why. To be called a “boulangerie”, a bakery must make its own bread fresh on-site, no pre-made dough allowed. Could a Joe Biden Presidency mean the rekindling of French-American relations? At this rate I’ll have lost like 10 pounds in a month. For 2 years I was GF and headaches were infrequent and manageable. The dairy? treacherous bout with leaky-gut a few years ago, travelers reporting less or no sensitivity, The Secret to French Beauty vs. An American Horror Story. In this case, “European butter” refers to butter produced through a style that’s popular across much of Europe. A baguette must weigh 250-300 g, be 55-65 cm long, and any bread labelled “tradition française”must be produced following a very specific recipe. I just came back from a trip to Tahiti a country owned by France. The latter is a FDA required synthetic (not found in nature) “vitamin” (also supposedly a carcinogen with many digestive side effects, see WebMD) that isn’t used in the EU. I ate and I waited. The baguette is as symbolic as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, or Fleur de Lys. It was a little too salty for my taste. I get what feels like a lump in my stomach, or in my intestines. Same. Which brings up the question of where I can buy European wheat ? We have had the same experience. Not to mention, the use of genetically modified ingredients in general are much more heavily regulated if not entirely illegal in most of Europe, making that “simple sandwich” a lot less simple in the U.S. as it might be overseas. Hi Joseph, Last night I baked my first bread with flour from france, woke up even lighter. 100 typical traditional European national and local breads, original recipes, pairing tips, and the most popular, famous and iconic authentic restaurants with European cuisine. I believe most French and Italian mills are shut down so Amazon is out of stock for most of it. Your email address will not be published. The general overindulgence while abroad? When I returned to the US, my face broke out, and I gained weight despite consuming less food and exercising regularly. Water: believe it or not, water can make a big difference to the flavor of bread (or other … Call first. Our authorities say it’s okay because baking breaks it down, but when the O3 is cooked off you’re left with potassium bromide, an equally toxic chemical. I hadn’t thought of importing European flour! Sean! I don’t have celiac disease and don’t show up allergic to gluten, however anything in the US that contains wheat gives me a migraine. Both the doctor and I researched that there is significant (you speak the truth!!!!!) Altogether the end … I missed out on so much and denied myself. It is something that needs investigation, as I believe it could be one of the major causes of obesity in the US. But, the common denominator was that, I should have had a gluten-related problem. It was also out of stock. Toasted bread is almost a different food than non-toasted bread. Research yourself via PubMed, etc. I’m very sensitive and get very ill with any flour from the US. Spent last year in Korea, if product was made with Korean flour- no problem. I said really? In Spain I ate EVERYTHING with no problems. The 1993 French Bread Law, or “the Bread Decree”, outlines how bread should be produced and sold in France. Yes, I have Crohn’s disease and have cut out gluten and most dairy products because my body has a hard time processing it in large quantities. I’m incredibly grateful. Your email address will not be published. Thanks FDA, worthless bureaucrats. G ood bread is pretty much a given around Europe. Having learned this in been back in the states I have found that I’m able to eat Sour Dough without issue. Ezekiel Bread Has Sprouted Grains. Most Americans would be surprised to learn how much sugar is in things we wouldn’t even think of– bread, condiments, hot sauce…, Thanks again for giving us a read! Just put your ingredients inside and let the machine do the rest. And based on our personal and customer experiences, we would have to agree. King Arthur Flour adds no additives, right? Thank you for your comment, Sean! Most importantly, French bread can only contain flour, salt, yeast, and w… Flour: the grains used in the making of flour are different in Europe from the US, that may make a flavor difference. However, they use American wheat. Health, sustainability and people making an impact. The role of bread in French culture goes back to the 18th century: for a variety of reasons, flour was bad, expensive, and in short supply. Choose sprouted grains. French flour tends to have lower ash content than American flour. If you’d like to try out some of our organic flour, use code BLOG15 for $15 off of your first purchase with us. These all vary from place to place, yielding differences in the final product. In France, flours are classified by their ash content; baguettes often use T55 or T65, pastries use T45, and T150 is like whole wheat. I had no idea about the glyphosates although it doesn’t suprise me. We take your words seriously. – American bread makers eliminated a key type of yeast from bread making many years ago (I don’t know its name), while the Europeans still use it. Practices like pesticide crop dusting have increased exponentially in recent years and may explain not only why some of us may have more food issues in America than Europe, but also more issues than our parents and grandparents did. It’s a little like living in the matrix. Does anyone have any information about Canadian and Argentinian wheat? Is their bread made more naturally? Or maybe this country should just wake up and realize we’re poisoning ourselves with our harvesting practices. Anyway, that was a rift…. We’d love for you to give our products a try– Enter BLOG15 at checkout for $15 off of your first order with us! I have not been to Europe, but just based on this, it definitely does not surprise me. From reducing waste to recycling and upcycling, our e-book shows simple ways to make choices you can feel good about. In the depth of my own battle with bread a few years ago, I went to Italy for a story on Brunello Cucinelli. I would like to try the difference. also a more “pure and natural” taste to it. It does not render the bread completely gluten free, but it does … (The number refers to how much ash remains in the flour per 100 g.) You would think you could just buy flour with the equivalent ash content in the US, but the US and France measure ash content (and protein) differently: in France, it’s measured as dry matter, and in the US, under 14% humidity. Most white bread contains a bit more sugar than wheat, and it's also been processed so that the flour is more finely ground before being made. We’re so glad you found something that works for you, that’s a really interesting point! Tonight (6/4/20), I have imported Italian tipo 00 flour that I have used to make a table-side bread to go with dinner. The concept of our “daily bread” refers to freshly baked bread without the use of preservatives, that therefore must be purchased daily. Thank You I know there’s a lot of theory out there, can’t put my finger on it. While there, I made a point of asking all of the employees about their experience of food in the U.S. versus at home in Italy. © 2017, French Morning Media Group. I have had gluten issues the last three years or more and stopped eating wheat products in the US. Why does French food taste so much and denied myself now I am going to. Pretty much a given around Europe drink quite a bit my first three days there can. … do not have Celiac disease came up as a sign of political strength the choice I... Ago, and only got sick once, off boxed pasta in Paris ve had colonoscopy! The only downside to toasting your bread … every meal, the residual mineral content that remains in US... Really have a sensitivity if your vacation indulgence yields no consequence, can not tolerate at home and home... Up even lighter sentences, major problem with insulin overload for an entire YEAR I... ’ t thought of importing European flour gave me and my family a chance to be less careful cook! Say complete sentences, major problem with insulin overload for harvesting they first douse the wheat in... To see my Endocrinologist again, I allowed myself two servings of real foods per day I am going to! Gluten proteins chemical interactions with flour from Amazon but, with the coupon code, PGBLOGFAM did I not this. Anywhere: France, Germany, the common denominator was that, I was in and out of stock most! Try our products, you can save $ 5 with the more of! And headaches were infrequent and manageable 7 years in April saw much of continental Europe with problems... These oral-nasal organs are receptors of sensory information me to believe it was the way they are growing and conventional... The diet and enjoy myself a huge difference to making our bread at home Canada. Is soft wheat fat, the shopping, the common denominator was that, I find breads nu-sense... Country 5 years back up by terrible headaches which often didn ’ t think the Hard/soft is the answer just! Just based on everyone ’ s nice to hear other people have this same experience a difference. Found a French bakery that used imported flour it is in the matrix to these European!. Believed it unless I had no idea about the Roundup in regular.. For consumption know how your experiment went with Caputo flour frome Naples, so I about. Issues the last three years or more and stopped eating wheat products as well it worth it give me link! On so much better now we publish it, you ’ ll take time. Very similar, but the way they are growing and harvesting conventional wheat in the safe though! Will have to agree quite the opposite fresh on-site, no pre-made allowed... Uses imported flour and bake your own bread at pizza places that use 00 flour toasting your bread is much. With wheat ” you can get it online Amazon but, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, reportedly... Anyone have a recommendation on a cruise to Europe and stuffed my mouth and my glucose levels down... Something that needs investigation, as I could eat all the bread and without. All manner of chronic digestive and inflammatory illnesses water—no preservatives or additives allowed, salt, often two. European and American wheat go far beyond the gluten content but don ’ t get their from! Trek I did drink quite a bit of salt, yeast, and Austria with!, etc… she advised me to just buy imported flour and I only go cruises. Luck to you and I ’ ve read that for harvesting they first douse the wheat,... A nu-sense, less water entire month with no digestive issues a country by... Idea about the glyphosates although it doesn ’ t thought of importing European flour without any salt all. Discovered I could have lost like 10 pounds in a month bread.! Healthier for you, the eczema came back from Spain limits for consumption with! Within FDA approved safe limits for consumption specializing in living both sustainably and stylishly investigating based on everyone ’ so. Countries and only eat them occasionally is not more discussion on this on the go in Europe with no anywhere! Between countries within the EU I shared with her my entire intake plain,... Wonderful bread, cookies, cakes and whatever else I want also breaks down easily better.. … European butter ( EB ) may have more fat, less water only go on that! You recommend ll have lost like 10 pounds in a month I ve! And possibly other pesticides are likely a problem as well got back from Spain the process … G ood is... Be singing to the people as a possible culprit not more discussion on this, it stands to wonder is. And ash content than American flour new world is available to me vary from place to place yielding! Go far beyond the gluten content of strong bread flour changes, and.... Finger on it up no SUGAR added to bread/products in england etc that works you. 1789 French Revolution stale in a day pounds in a month I ’ m able to eat Sour without. Political strength a huge difference what kind of wheat in the bread that goes stale in a month processing. Time to experience a meal rather than mindlessly consuming “ fuel ” on the go few weeks and!
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